Daryle Dale De Silva

A PHP Web Developer with 5+years experience.

I have been in the IT Industry for more than 5 years now, and have been loving every minute of it. Currently I spend my days working as Senior Web Developer for BeMyGuest Singapore. I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming (I currently use PHP for most of the web applications I work on) to front end engineering (HTML, CSS, and jQuery/Javascript).

I’m extremely passionate about web development in all it’s forms. It is also my passion to help businesses build and improve their online presence. I always enjoy learning new things, especially things related to my field of profession. I also love challenges because they push me to learn new techniques and to think outside of my comfort zone. I don’t quit just because I can’t get things done. I believe that there is always a way to succeed no matter how hard the task is.

Oh, and by the way, I’m also available for smaller, interesting projects during evenings and weekends. Feel free to get in touch if you have an idea I might be interested in.

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  • Graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • 5+years of experience in front and back end web development
  • Highly proficient in PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and CSS
  • Strong knowledge of MVC frameworks like Yii and CodeIgniter
  • Work exposure to CRM and CMS systems (WordPress and related frameworks)
  • Experience in implementing SVN and TracSubversion
  • Good experience in administering Linux servers
  • Knowledge in Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and Google Maps APIs
  • Experience with SEO tools and Google Analytics
  • Good understanding of Symfony and Zend Framework
  • Experience in SDLC and Scrum (an agile methodology for project management)
  • Background in Ruby on Rails and iOS application development
  • Created an API using RESTful web services
  • Proficient in Twitter Bootstraps 1 and 2
  • Experience in Apache and Nginx setups


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